Missionary List

Allen, Rev. Larry and Nancy  Pennsylvania (US) Assoc. of Baptists for World Evangelism
Dove, Jo Ann (retired) Michigan (US) Continental Baptist Missions
Fletchall, Rev. Ted and Becky Germany Baptist Mid Missions
Gardner, Lois (retired) Michigan (US) Baptist Church Planters
Gonnerman, Andrew and Janae Japan Baptist Mid Missions
Huckabee, James and Anna Uganda Central Missionary Clearinghouse
Katsion, Rev. Gordon (retired) Iowa (US) Baptist Mid Missions
Kempf, Dr. Chuck and Ruby US Evangelist
McLain, Rev. Jon Brazil Gospel Preacher Association
Miller, Rev. Walt and Carol (retired) California (US) Baptist Mid Missions
Moon, Ken and Lynne Missouri (US) Missionary Acres
Oehlert, Jonathan and Angela Canada Baptist International Missions
Pinkston, Beulah (retired) Tennessee (US) Baptist Mid Missions
Piper, Rev. Garth and Lynette New Zealand Baptist World Mission
Roe, Rev. Frank and Tamara Canada CrossWorld Missions
Smith, Jeremy and Jodi US Continental Baptist Missions
Stilwell, Rev. Stephen and Evelyn Peru Baptist Mid Missions
Strosnider, Paul and Rachel Missouri (US) Silent Word Ministries
Swedberg, Rev. John and Karen Brazil Baptist Mid Missions
Young, Dr. Curt and Lori (retired) Missouri (US) International Partnership Ministries